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About 226 Gallowgate - Local Pub

Glasgow's Gallowgate is evolving. One of Scotland's best-known pubs has a new lease of life, standing strong and proud next to the Barrowland Ballroom, ready to offer you a truly unique and warm welcome. 


226 Gallowgate is the location, not the name. Formerly Bairds Bar, the site has been an integral part of the life and personality of the Barras for decades, and has seen a rich and varied history. 


This bar with no name is considered the place that doesn’t need one! The people will reference and develop the identity, and the location and history bring a truly unique and powerful energy. We are all about being inclusive, friendly and creating the conditions for a varied and creative environment, filled with arts, music, food, drink and good times.

The unique space will be populated with functional Barras Built craft, furniture and items procured the Barras way. Challenging, sad and joyful books and poetry are dotted around the pub, and the piano stool is full of sheet music, ready to welcome all to come and express and enjoy yourself. This will be an evolving and creative space for people to come together to debate, question and exchange stories through conversations, songs, food and drink.


226 2019.06.30 05.jpg
226 GG 2019.06.30 01.jpg

With profits being used to further progress local regeneration programmes within the community, this is where the local community makes things happen and delivers its own progress.


Located right next door to the world famous Barrowland, pre-gig and post-gig dynamics will be something special, and Barrowland Lane is open for summertime eating and drinking.

The menu is honest and wholesome, using seasonal ingredients and taking inspiration from the area's rich and varied communities which include everything from Scottish, Irish and Italian, to Indian and Catalan.


It's all about optimising life’s special moments in a stimulating, authentic and friendly space, whilst getting well fed and well watered. 226 Gallowgate...where true community strength is happening.

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